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Founded in 2002, the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp has provided countless groups of adults with the ultimate fantasy sports competition experience. Participants in the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp relive their youth by competing against other adults in up to 15 different team sports and competitions over a three-day period.

How Does it Work?

To book a tournament at the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp, the customer must provide a minimum of 40 players. Then, four teams of 10 – 12 players are formed to compete in multiple sports and challenges each day, for three days, where their physical and mental endurance, teamwork and strategy are put to the test. The participants compete as teams in a combination of the following sports and events:

Flag Football
Dodge Ball

Ultimate Frisbee
Obstacle Course
Street Hockey
Track and Field
Ping Pong

The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp is unlike any other sports “fantasy camp” offered to the public. Most adult fantasy camps offer one sport that is played over and over again, such as basketball or baseball. Participants at the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp can compete in up to fifteen different sports and competitions, all at a self-contained sports complex facility.

Where is the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp?

The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp currently has 2 locations, one in Los Angeles and one in New York. Our Los Angeles camp is held at the beautiful and picturesque Canyon Creek Sports Complex in Southern California, a 41 acre sports and entertainment complex that contains all the sports facilities, fields, courts, lodging, dining facilities and accommodations necessary to allow participants to “get away from it all” and enjoy sports competition, camaraderie, and friendship in a setting built exactly for that purpose. Our New York camp is held at Camp Pontiac in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, about 2 hours from Manhattan. Camp Pontiac is a 150 acre facility that has 9 basketball courts, 3 hockey rinks, 8 soccer fields, 6 baseball/softball diamonds, 10 tennis courts, 8 volleyball courts and a state of the art indoor gymnasium and convertible sports facility. It has multiple dining rooms, an arcade, lake and other accommodations to provide participants with a first class experience.

Can I Choose What Sports I Want Our Group to Play?

Each Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp can be designed to fit the needs of the customer. We have a proven formula and schedule that maximizes the amount of sports that can be played each day, while allowing sufficient time to rest in between events. We can also customize your tournament to include only those sports and contests that you desire. All you need to do is supply the players and we will do the rest. We have hosted some events where the participants chose to play only a few sports and allow for more relaxation and leisure time. Other groups desire to maximize the amount of sports and contests they play and seek a more intense, high-octane competitive sports experience. Either way, we can design the experience to meet your needs.

Who Participates in the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp?

The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp is for men and women of all ages. Teams of all men, all women, or a combination of the two can be created to make your experience everything that you hope it to be. The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp is perfect for individual groups of friends, company retreats, fraternity or sorority functions and any other group who wants to experience the fun, excitement and camaraderie of playing organized team sports in a competitive, yet friendly environment.

Our mission is to provide an experience of a lifetime where adults can relive their youth in a camp-like atmosphere and participate in sports competitions and contests designed to exceed their every expectation. Skill level and experience do not matter as each camp can be designed to make the experience rewarding for all.

How do I Sign Up for the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp?

For more information or to participate in the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp, please e-mail us at Info@ultimatefantasysportscamp.com or call us at (661) 724-9184 Ext. 227.

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