Tied up at the net in volleyball

A diving "dig" in sand volleyball

Blocked at the net

Steve S. prepares to serve

Scott S. goes for the shot

Rick R. delivers a serve

Tennis action

Larry T. delivers a backhand in tennis

Going up for the block

Finishing strong in swimming

Action from the swimming relay

Rob S. shoots over the double team

Chris B. shoots over Jason B.

Driving the lane in basketball

Lee M. makes a pass

Keith E. cuts through traffic

Jason B. takes aim in archery

At the Archery Range

Lenny S. eyes the target

Garson F. goes up high to make a catch in Ultimate Frisbee

Brian S. lets one sail in Ultimate Frisbee

Danny B. gets up to take the Frisbee away from Garson F.

Jeff S. makes the catch

Battling for the frisbee
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