Here is what participants of the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp have said about their experiences:

"I heard about the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp from friends who had gone in the past and I knew that I wanted in. I had a general idea of what it was about, but I was completely blown away with the level of professionalism, planning and attention to detail that made my experience beyond what I ever could have imagined. These guys do an amazing job." Myles P.

"For many years, a bunch of my friends and I used to play in an annual "Weekend Warrior" sports tournament.  We would go to a local park, choose teams and play flag football, softball, soccer and tennis all in the same day. We thought that we were the kings of all things sports for making it through the day. Then, five years ago, I heard about Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp. Eleven different sports over a three-day weekend! Are you kidding me? Team uniforms, referees, trainers, masseuses, excellent food, great people and amazing accommodations. All we do is show up and play. The camp directors plan everything, down to the last minute. And the best part is that on Monday when I go back to the office all sore, I have this little kid-like grin on my face and everyone knows that I just survived the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp weekend!"  Bernie L.

"I played sports growing up and in high school. I'm 36 years old and I still play on a local softball team and occasionally play in pick up games with friends. The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp is a place for me to act like a kid again and play a bunch of sports with a great group of people who are ordinary guys like me. Everything is so well organized.  Of course, all the teams want to win the tournament, but what I like best is the camaraderie and friendships that I have made.  It is the one weekend a year where I get to completely leave my office and work behind me and escape to a place where my only responsibilities are to my teammates and to getting pumped up to play the next sport." Josh S.

"My kids have gone to sleep away sports camps for years and I was always a bit jealous hearing about all the sports that they played every day. I always thought that there should be an adult sports camp that would create that same camp-like experience, but for regular guys like me. Then I heard about the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp and couldn't believe that a place existed where I could play all those sports over a three-day weekend in a competitive, but friendly atmosphere. Now I show my kids the pictures of my "sports weekend" and they are jealous!" Garson F.

"I have now participated in six Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camps. It is, without question, the weekend I look forward to most the entire year. I never thought that I would have an opportunity to play so many sports all in one weekend, and all at one sports facility. One of the things I like best is that while we play our hearts out and everyone wants to win, after each game is over, everyone is still friends. It is all about having a good time." Lee M.

"My husband dances around like a kid for weeks before the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp every year. Sports Camp this, Sports Camp that. Honestly, when is he ever going to grow up?" Nancy D, wife of 5-time participant Bobby D.

"I have been coming to the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp for four years. What I am most impressed with is the time, passion and dedication the directors put into making the camp a success.  They pour their hearts into this thing and every year, they seem to do something new and unexpected that makes the camp that much better. The food is really good. Not like the "camp food" that I used to eat when I went away to camp as a kid. Also, the grounds are amazing. They have a new baseball diamond, football field, tennis courts and basketball courts. Actually, as much as I may hate to admit it, I look forward to archery the most. I mean, who does archery? I do it only once a year, but it is a blast. Thanks to the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp staff for keeping me young." Scott K.

"How can I describe my experience at the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp? Words simply do not do it justice. It is a feeling, an experience, a connection to everything great about sports, friendship and competition. Put it this way, when I tell my friends about what we do at the UFSC, I can't even finish my story before they say "I want in! How do I get on the list?" Dean W.

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